My name is Nigel Morris.

I’m a portrait and editorial photographer.

Once, at the beginning of a shoot, one of my subjects actually believed I was security for the photographer. I am a hefty, 6′ 3″ tall man with a beard like Barry White, but hey, what does a photographer look like these days anyway?

I once drove an ATV up a pole during a family vacation.

In the 80’s, as a child, the brownstone I grew up in had neighbors on either side of the house that were drug dealers. I learned the meaning of being between a rock and a hard place early. I’ve even totaled two classic Chevrolet’s! The first time, a lady runs the stop sign. The second time, mother nature wanted to show me who was the boss.

The reason I choose to shoot people exclusively is quite simple; For every person that has ever been in front of my camera, I see some of myself in them, in some way. I get a kick out of the fact that, no matter our differences, physically, mentally, or whatever, we are still the same in many ways. It’s something I look forward to discovering in every shoot.

“I have a huge sense of humor, but, I am dead serious when it comes to my work.”

– I AM Nigel Morris